The best leadership teams aren’t born, they’re created, coached, nurtured and mentored. They allow for differences, bring everyone together, and agree upon a common goal. Powerful teams build on and support the initiatives, direction, and vision of the leadership. Powerful leaders lead by example and set the tone. This isn’t new but it is critical that leaders and teams constantly remind themselves of the simple question – how do we create and sustain high performing teams and behaviors? It is also about sustainability – embedding this in the day to day DNA.

What do high-performing executives teams do differently? Why do some teams knock it out of the park, while others struggle and sometimes fail? How can your leadership team be more like Google, Virgin, or Facebook and less like MySpace or Friendster?

The answer is simple — R.A.I.S.E. Revolutionize, Aim, Influence, Study, Engage. And then, you do it all again, every day … it becomes who you are and what you ‘just do’; it becomes the power of one is the team!

We’ll explore what R.A.I.S.E. means, why it matters, and how you can use this mindset strategy to move your business to the next level.

Revolutionize – Using ideas to create change

All revolutions start with a powerful idea — One that inspires and gets everyone moving in the same direction. The best ideas come from your leadership team’s collective vision and the strategies you’ve built together. The best ideas come from a collective vision of your ‘to be’ state and excitement around the great possibilities achieved when you get there. That collective sense of shared purpose is essential in driving forward to create change.

Change emerges from those ideas, it transforms them from concepts into capabilities and gives your team the confidence it needs to move forward into the future.

Confidence, courage, and conviction aren’t enough by themselves. You need to track progress towards your goals and steer everything in the right way. You need to work with your peers and teams, and teach the right skills to deliver. You need to inspire the right attitude and give everyone autonomy to get to the horizon.

We’ll help you look at your strategy and get you into the perfect mindset so your ideas can come to life. You’ll be able to frame and share your thoughts in the right way, and collaborate with your leadership team to create change.

Aim – Unlocking the potential of what “could be” to reach your “to be” state

You can see everything in your organization as a journey — Whether that’s culture change, big projects, dealing with changing environments, or building a strong strategy. Start that journey by looking into the distance. You will unlock the true potential of your business by focusing on “what needs to be” rather than “what is.” Although part of this is strategy, it’s much more than that.

It’s understanding the waters you need to navigate, having the right people by your side, and knowing that intent, by itself, isn’t quite enough. You will decide what your destination “should be,” and make it into something your fellow executives and employees can understand.

We’re experts at gap analysis and getting you from where you are now to where you need to be. Our coaching will let you create an adaptable strategy that’s a strong foundation for what you need to do.

Influence – Using integrity and principles to create the right attitudes

The best business people lead by example. When you act with integrity, it resonates with others. Stick to your principles, frame business goals in the right way, and help other people relate to what you’re doing. Create long-term behavioral change in yourself and others through nurturing the right attitudes.

What are those attitudes? They’re about integrity, fairness, and clarity:

Your team and people come first, followed by your customers, then your shareholders.

  • Don’t just lead by example, make the right attitude part of company culture.
  • Empower everyone, from the COO to the janitor.
  • Get the right people around you, so you can lead, and they can manage.

We’ll work with you to develop strong behavioral change. That will help you and your people engage with what you want your business to achieve, and get you there faster.

Study – Asking the right questions

Change isn’t all about intuition, attitude, and emotion —It also comes from reflection, analysis, and the right conversations – not being afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Not only from those within your team or company but extending to your boarder network outside the company. A calm, clear approach lets us take a better view and understand the steps we need to take to unlock ours, and other’s potential. It’s the logic that gets you to your goals.

It’s a cliché that “A problem is an opportunity in disguise,” but it’s still true. When looking for the causes of problems becomes a habit, you’ll find powerful opportunities for change. Combine that with feedback from others, and you’ve got the right tools to strengthen your business.

We’ll have those conversations with you. Together we’ll clarify what success means for you and your business and help you build the right plan to achieve it.

Engage – Influencing others in a positive way

Although change comes from the top, you need to involve people who can help you achieve it. This comes from understanding how other people support your vision, any new skills that might be needed, and the attitudes that help or hinder. When you learn what motivates others, you can get them to their peak performance and engage with them in the right way.

Whether you want to nurture your team, or you want individual, professional growth, influence is vital. It’s about building your network — People who support and challenge you to be better, and encourage you to develop your talent.

We’ll help you engage by talking to your peers and your staff and giving you practical recommendations to bring everyone on-board.

R.A.I.S.E. is ultimately about acting on your awareness — For both the good of your business and your personal growth. You can identify strengths and weaknesses, plug gaps, enhance attitudes, and create the right steps for success. Whether you’re building a strategy for your business, or a growth plan for you and your career, R.A.I.S.E. drives continual improvement, constant learning, and transformation.