Our philosophy and processes are based on the belief that great leaders are not born, they are nurtured, and the true backbone of any company is a cohesive, collaborative, and diverse team. Successful leaders who understand the value of their human capital also value nurturing that capital to ensure succession and growth within the company.

 We have expertise in helping bring clarity and providing actionable insight to leaders and executives when faced with challenging situations – be it personally or with their company or team.

In the end, we work with our clients through their “AHA moments” – that point in time when they uncover what’s been holding them and/or their organization back.  Unlike many executive coaching teams – we don’t stop at the tipping point.  We set up processes and work with them one-on-one to ensure lasting success after the coaching sessions are over.

“Vanessa is able to concurrently conceptualize an issue from a range of different perspectives, effortlessly shifting focus from 30,000 feet right down to the details of implementation and then back up, integrating the disparate pieces that must come together to achieve success.”

“She has a remarkable ability to frame situations positively and effectively communicate with others, whether they’re executives or team members. Vanessa’s versatility in working with companies of any size, coupled with her thoughtful and strategic approach, makes her an invaluable resource.”

Executive Thought Leadership Coaching

Deciding what is required to take on more prominent roles or who to select for a critical role is one of the most vital decisions a C-Suite executive, board member, or company owner will make.  Many organizations and leaders struggle through the “finding” process and after the hire because a clearly defined strategic plan for the process wasn’t created, and now everyone involved has become reactionary and protective of their space versus being collaborative.

We help leaders identify their short and long-term goals and create an obvious course to follow before, during, and after transitions within their company.  From helping define the role based on future business goals and culture to coaching and mentoring an internal candidate to assume a leadership position or hiring an outside person to come in and assume the vacant role.

We use time-tested and proven assessments and years of corporate experience to help our clients move smoothly through the transition process. Our engagement may be as short as a few months or if several years, depending on the scope of work needed.

“Vanessa is a brilliant and insightful leader with an uncanny ability to balance personal power and tender care. I would recommend her to anyone who is motivated to improve and soar.”

“I have a detailed blueprint for advancement. She has shared specific, actionable guidance on how to more effectively influence and collaborate with senior executives.”

“Vanessa was quickly able to tell me what she saw as my greatest strengths which helped me in how I communicate my story effectively to employers. “

“Vanessa’s ability to instill confidence and provide practical tools has been transformative for me. She challenged me to see beyond the obvious, helping me navigate new territory with confidence.”

“Vanessa’s mentorship has been invaluable in helping me navigate career transitions and understand my true worth. Her support and encouragement have given me the courage to pursue new opportunities and advocate for myself effectively.”

Culture and Business Change Management Strategy

All organizations undergo some type of culture change during their lifetime – be it a merger, acquisition, and/or new leadership, which tends to shift focus and teams.

Any major change within a company can create havoc, leaving leadership and teams disjointed, inefficient, and ultimately ineffective. Too often, individual departments and executives are not aligned to shared objectives, resources, timing, prioritization, and implementation.

Research suggests that one of the key success factors in implementing change is a balanced and structured process that addresses the technology, organizational, and people issues concurrently.

We take a practical approach with a focus on stakeholder and employee engagement. Mergers and Acquisitions are prevalent in our global corporate culture – with that comes huge shifts in cultures, teams, and organizational workflow.  Our Change Management Framework – assesses all assets during the M and A process and, more importantly, after the transition has occurred.  Our process is direct, easy to understand, and easy to apply and manage.  It’s designed to optimize the success of IT, Operations, Sales, and Management while following the vision of Leadership. It’s about strategically supporting the team through and after a big transition.

“Vanessa deeply understands businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as the people who are leading them.”

“Her extensive experience in corporate America allows her to quickly identify and solve problems, making her guidance incredibly pragmatic and effective. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and has a keen ability to identify goals and redefine skills and talents.”

“Bright and intuitive, Vanessa is able to synthesize a multi-dimensional picture into observations that really do translate into action options.

The Leading Edge Philosophy

Help the INDIVIDUALS Succeed

Organizations don’t change – people do. We identify the vital few behaviors that drive the most results and reinforce them with timely, positive, and consistent consequences.

Bring the FUTURE to Life

We help organizations create a clear and compelling vision for the future and ensure that leaders are aligned, committed, and ready to enroll the entire organization. We develop solutions that are credible and create pull for the change.

INSPIRE Deep Commitment

We need buy-in from the entire organization to ensure everyone works together in harmony. By building a healthy Sponsorship Spine, we apply an intentional process that cascades commitment along the spine through the front line, thereby activating key influencers.

Deliver the VALUE

We develop a realistic transformation plan informed by the organization’s capacity to implement and absorb change and establish a governance structure to ensure effective, efficient decision-making while measuring progress.

Build to SUSTAIN

We modify the organizational enablers – roles, structure, and culture – and adapt systems and technology to support change. We then establish feedback loops and response mechanisms to enable solutions to evolve as needed to ensure long-lasting results, making the process sustainable.