Why you should consider Vanessa Williams for your next company event as a key note:

She speaks from the trenches.
Vanessa is a corporate executive who moved up the corporate ladder. She has real world experience on breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling, dealing with inclusion and diversity issues, and managing large global teams. During her career she also experienced road blocks that prevented her from moving forward – through executive coaching, she was able to discover what was holding her back and continued on to finish a highly successful career. She is now paying it forward and teaching what she has learned.

She’s genuine and to the point.
Vanessa uses her personal experiences as well as those of her clients to bring a truly genuine touch to her speaking engagements. No fluff, no relying on studies or text books – her “to the point” and “matter of fact” conversational tone brings people in. Her audiences are in tune, writing down every word and are engaged. Each audience member feels as if they are having a one-on-one conversation.

vanessa-williams-speakingShe believes in Next Steps!

When an attendee leaves one of Vanessa’s events he/she have actionable items to work on – Leading Edge Homework.  She encourages audience participants to define issues and create a path for action to ensure the information they just learned isn’t lost, a win for companies looking to engage their team members, those going through a culture change or management teams looking to have a greater impact.

She delivers what YOU need – it’s Custom.
Every company, every team and every individual is unique and therefor every presentation should be unique and customized around the audience. Vanessa will construct her presentation and/or keynote around the company’s goals – what are they looking to accomplish. What do they want the outcome to be? No black box speeches allowed!