How to Achieve Peak Performance – both personally and professionally.

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Leadership: The Real Key to Career Success

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Success Strategies Women and Diversity in today’s global economy

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Strategic Productivity – The power of TEAM

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Win the Career Game

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The Forgotten Customer: A New Perspective On Winning The War For Talent

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Vanessa’ Story – A dynamic and eye opening key note

Evolution of a Career – Differentiation, Leadership, Success

In this exclusive and very personal presentation, Vanessa describes her personal and professional journey, with emphasis on the challenges she faced and the high level lessons she learned during her climb up the corporate ladder.

Vanessa can tailor this talk to a variety of lengths. Her prepared remarks last about 15 minutes when done at a very high, summary level, 30-40 minutes when done at a meatier, outline level, and 60 minutes when done at a full, training session level. In all cases, she offers practical takeaways that let her inspired audiences put her experience and advice to immediate use. Meeting planners are advised to schedule a minimum of 30 minutes for Q and A with this talk; it always generates a great deal of audience participation.

This is a particularly good program for groups of professional and business women, but it also works for mixed groups of younger men and women who are looking for role models and experience-based coaching as they build their careers.