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Authenticity – What’s YOUR story?

Authenticity – What’s YOUR story?

Today I want to talk about authenticity, as in personal authenticity.  I often get asked to help individuals build up their personal brands, or work with service teams on boosting the customer experience, or even working with sales teams to connect with the right...

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The “New” American Epidemic?

The “New” American Epidemic?

It’s not surprising (or is it?) that the news of Harvey Weinstein’s outing as the latest and greatest Hollywood predator has prompted legal and HR teams across the world to re-evaluate their policies and tolerance for sexual, and other harassment in the workplace. I...

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Embracing the Change

Embracing the Change

Innovate or Die.  Often the mantra of CEOs and entrepreneurs.  Stagnation of ideas and lack of change leads to lost market share, drop in retention rates in both clients and employees, and simply isn’t smart business.  This is also true on a personal level.  Nothing...

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It may take longer than you planned but giving up wont get you to your goals any faster. #StayThePath #Motivation ...

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