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One True Key to Success

One True Key to Success

I have to admit, I’ve always been skeptical of those pop psychology claims of the one thing you need to do to be successful. Most of those claims are simplistic views of the problems we face or a single concept taken to an illogical conclusion. Having said that, I now...

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Subject: FEAR, don’t give it power

Subject: FEAR, don’t give it power

It’s the time of year we all make New Year’s Resolutions.  Losing weight, heading to the gym, being better with money, spending more “me time”, giving up smoking - the list goes on. Most resolutions never see fruition.  Most people give up before the end of January...

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Executive Search is an Extension of Your Company

Executive Search is an Extension of Your Company

In my line of work, I speak with a lot of potential hires on behalf of client organizations, so it’s not surprising that I’ve learned quite a bit about what candidates want and don’t want from me and the companies I represent.  We believe that what makes KMR’s search...

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